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Jenn and Jason Mcmahan



My Story

Our Scentsy Story first started in the Summer of 2011 when we were introduced to the Wonderful World of Scentsy where Jenn was given a sample and a catalog.  We quickly fell in love with the beautiful warmers and fragrant scents and we became an occasional buyer over the years.  As our love for Scentsy products grew over the years, we were looking for a positive change in our life as well. Jenn wanted to be able to contribute more to our Faith and our Family: spiritually, financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  We knew that we needed to find something that would work around our strengths and abilities, our schedule, and our family's schedules.  Jenn had given joining Scentsy some thought for a while and finally decided to take our passion for a product to a new level and she become an Independent Scentsy Consultant.  April 1, 2014 was the beginning of her fast-paced Scentsy journey. Jason would become her silent business partner working behind the scenes for the first couple of years. In our 5th year of business, Jason started working right alongside of Jenn. Years later, we have made many new friends, reacquainted with some friends from our past, and are continuing to build a Scentsational Team of Outstanding Scentsy Consultants across the U.S.A.  Becoming Scentsy Consultants have allotted us much needed time to be able to devote to our Faith and Family, the two most important aspects of our life and of who we have become over the past couple of years! Not only does this adventure allow us to spend fun times with family and friends; any profits we gain, allow us to financially give back to our Church, other Ministries and Charities, and our Family.  We have even been able to give Scentsy products as gifts to friends and family, and as donations for our Church Fundraisers, as well as, donations for fundraisers for other organizations and schools!   Having your own Scentsy business can be something that can be done part time or full time; as supplemental income, as a means to support your own personal Scentsy love and addiction, or as a full time career with compensation. You literally get to choose when, where, how, and how often you want to work. It is so easy and so rewarding.  Besides personal rewards and a really awesome compensation package, Scentsy offers consultant and leadership support, worldwide incentives and trainings. There are so many ways to share the Blessings that Scentsy can offer…. The possibilities are endless! We have continued to gain confidence and respect throughout the community and across the country, as a Professional Independent Scentsy Consultant.  We get to “work” WHERE we want, WHEN we want, HOW we want, and HOW OFTEN we want!  While we Love being able to be our “own boss”, we love being great leaders even more; helping others to realize how the Scentsy Opportunity can bring them the positive changes that they could be searching for in their own lives. Our Scentsy business has become something our whole family can help with, which brings us closer together! By the way, we can't forget to mention the fact that our home smells AMAZING all of the time with Scentsy! We would Love to help YOU find the positive changes that You could be searching for in your own life! Come, Join the Journey! With God's love and guidance, we have found that Scentsy is truly a BLESSING to our Family!   Jason and I, along with our daughters, Jessica and Shayla, and our sons, Jakob, Jarrett, and Joshua, and our grandsons, Grayson and Jason, wish you many Joys and Blessings!   ~Jenn & JasonMcMahan
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